Green to brown



When your life is at it curves and pot holes

it hurts when you see others achieve their goals and dreams

so you you see a patch in the grass and say I want that

but looking from a distance is a clear match

so you introduce yourself to save whats left

now you see a way to escape the love of life

but what your leaving behind is walking in the dark and so blind

so you take that leap and leave them in the ocean thats deep

So you start to lose your mind and family time.

leaving their face to cry and to their face you start to lie… why!!

Looking at the grass slowly start to turn

as the grass don’t get water your soul start to burn

your mind starts to think fast as its strikes concern

you try and go back over the long burned down bridge

you try and cross but you dont even have a place to sit

You can open the back door and be full of dog sh..t

and close the front door and still be full of it !!!

Don’t burn bridges you need to cross to go home

when everybody gone, now you see whats its like be left alone

green look good on one side brown is the real color once looked

inside. Regret is also a cry. but a good-bye is a good-bye!!


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