When I was walking my road full of bumps and sharp edges. I was confused and very unbalanced from my thinking and things that had happen. Wondering how did this become and was I ready for it. I would sit there and wonder to myself different thoughts of just being scared. One day me and my kids layer down to sleep and I was awaken by my kids staring at me and this went on for like 2 3 days. So I asked them what’s wrong they said that mom said she wanted me to die so they would sit up all night and watch me. So I turned the TV off and said daddy is here don’t worry about it. So from that point I never paid attention to the television but it was 230am on the clock. So one night me and the kids woke up with the television on at 230 am . This went on for about a month and on that television was a program saying sew your seeds and every night we would wake up and watch that for about a month in a half. So since then I haven’t seen that program or woke up at 230 am. I think God was planting a  seed in me to give me strength and knowledge to be who he wanted me to be. I have been invited to churches and visit different churches. God speak in different forms of languages it up to us to listen. Every church service I have went to have been talking about sew your seed…..Jesus. God said sew your seed into what you want to do and be fruitful. I learned a lot in the last 2 years of my life . If you want changed you have to changed the way you think and things around you and you have to face yourself first in order to change. We choose our own path God just show it to us. Sew your seed.


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