What women call a good men

a person that pays the bills

but replace him with a gold grill

A person that opens the door

but replace him with the unlocked back door

A person that respect you

but replaces him with not one but a few

A person that cooks

but replaces him with a record

a person that like wearing checkers

A person that tries to build

but replaces him for more large bills

A person that likes your beauty

but replaces him with a man name James but goes by Judy

A Person that loves your views

but replace him with a guy called Andrew

A person that loves you for you

But replace him with words besides I love you

some people are very confused

even when you don’t respect you.





A bird sing to a beautiful day

lions roar will vibrate your face

Rainy days are cuddling time

family games are good times

negative people and vibe are bad time

positive people bring new starts and sunshine

springs bring out flowers and bees

winter brings coats and scarfs

summer brings beautiful women and cars

Lock doors don’t open without a key

flowers only grow when you plant seeds

fall time changes the color of leaves

Winter brings white snow with chills

Mountain tops rocks and cabins on hills

camp fires and marsh mellows

from fresh air, lighting bugs that glows

wedding day, wedding rings

these are things that life brings.




I’m a man who honor his thought

but yet faces my past and faults

I live in the future and perfect situation

I’m my own life motivation

I’m never going back into the dark

my mind is a full of life with a motive

to be what I want to be which is legacy

respect Is what sits strong next to me

dreams can be and will be reality

its up to you what’s inside to come out

but when things don’t work out

don’t run from your pain

I challenge you to be your own focus point

If you want it bad enough then believe and say yes

I m my own glory and life success.




From a bright sunny day to cloudy skies

respect does not include telling a lie

Respect should be earned not given

even from the unknown which we call living

anger builds up to feel very good

but when it over flows disrespect becomes a flood

even causes problems and a lot of bad blood

Your tongue is a weapon so watch your words

it might just hit you where it really hurts

speak truth and you shall be free of what you cursed

disrespect is lying backward or reverse

How can you speak words you cant even see

saying whatever you think right behind me

lower standards and swallow your pride

for respect I’m willing to take pain and die

How can you cross what’s beneath your feet’

when you cant tell the truth about how you view me

Things belong on the table, not the floor

to much dirt can cause and uproar

How is it that you see what you say

but cant even believe nothing you say

respect is what a man always ask for everyday

will you be that doormat they walk on while smiling in your face

Respect me as me or you will find what you seek!!!

I’m in love!!



Being in Love is like a key that unlock every door

each words that comes off her lips I will always adore

all of my soul will always belongs to her

under all laws of love I will always give her more

times is all we need with you its complete

I will always cherish your heart, soul, and your needs

Full of smiles with a sexy style

unique soft skins that make chocolate milk from within

Lovely strawberry that’s red with sexy legs

Look at the curves and how she touches my nerves

anything less I still will love her till I rest

day by day and minute by minute I’m in love and I meant it

yes she is great ,like I’m a great man, cant wait till I ask for her hand!!!

A Great Man!



A great man, A great man A great man

I’ m a great man with so much passion with Love

I’m a great man that loves God and shows much Love

I’m a great man cause I deal with life and its course

I’m a great man with a lovely heart filled with joy

I’m a great man with good morals and  very loyal

I’m a great man with great beautiful kids

I’m a great man that love kids even their not mines

I’m a great man with all the great man signs

I’m a great man with a heart and don’t mind crying

I’m a great man that believe in family time

I’m a great man that will listen and hold you while crying

I’m a great man that read the bible

I’m a great man that dedicated

I’m a great man that’s very reliable

I’m a great man that’s very educated

I’m a great man with motivation

I’m a great man that will love his future wife

I’m a great man that prays at night

I’m a great man that’s apart of another man

I’m a great man that’s part of Gods plan…Amen!!!

New Beginnings



As days go by ,sitting here wondering about life and its treasures

how things have long journeys and different things it measures

the hurt, memories that we always seem to carry around

how God does things as if you’re lost but now your found

The key is always patience to the mind, soul which is hope

faith is always ways there but blinded to something rare.

Look at the ocean he have open for you to walk through

new beginning is not always just about starting with you

Sometime other people are involved to get that new you

its not easy because of what you have to go through

attitude is what brings you to reality to who you aref

facing yourself with always leave that life bleeding scar

Storms are made for us to make clear blues skies

fresh air is to replace the bad but bring out what’s good inside

Pain is there for the bad to cover up what’s really peaceful

New beginning is people standing on the edge of a cliff

risk takers look at that as being a strong energy shift

either jump at your own risk or stay and remain the same

starting over is always hard. its up to you to get your gain.