New Beginnings



As days go by ,sitting here wondering about life and its treasures

how things have long journeys and different things it measures

the hurt, memories that we always seem to carry around

how God does things as if you’re lost but now your found

The key is always patience to the mind, soul which is hope

faith is always ways there but blinded to something rare.

Look at the ocean he have open for you to walk through

new beginning is not always just about starting with you

Sometime other people are involved to get that new you

its not easy because of what you have to go through

attitude is what brings you to reality to who you aref

facing yourself with always leave that life bleeding scar

Storms are made for us to make clear blues skies

fresh air is to replace the bad but bring out what’s good inside

Pain is there for the bad to cover up what’s really peaceful

New beginning is people standing on the edge of a cliff

risk takers look at that as being a strong energy shift

either jump at your own risk or stay and remain the same

starting over is always hard. its up to you to get your gain.


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