From a bright sunny day to cloudy skies

respect does not include telling a lie

Respect should be earned not given

even from the unknown which we call living

anger builds up to feel very good

but when it over flows disrespect becomes a flood

even causes problems and a lot of bad blood

Your tongue is a weapon so watch your words

it might just hit you where it really hurts

speak truth and you shall be free of what you cursed

disrespect is lying backward or reverse

How can you speak words you cant even see

saying whatever you think right behind me

lower standards and swallow your pride

for respect I’m willing to take pain and die

How can you cross what’s beneath your feet’

when you cant tell the truth about how you view me

Things belong on the table, not the floor

to much dirt can cause and uproar

How is it that you see what you say

but cant even believe nothing you say

respect is what a man always ask for everyday

will you be that doormat they walk on while smiling in your face

Respect me as me or you will find what you seek!!!


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