Little Push for sucess!!



That is one of the ways of thinking S.M.A.R.T when setting goals

for yourself. per educating on how a business operates internally

and externally your venture can be very beneficial to you.

Achieving success in the business is not easy, I guess that is

why 50 cent debut album was “GET RICH OR DIE TRYING” and

now with the new mini series POWER he is perfecting his craft.

Lets get it my quote will be- Stay Positive even listen to negative

things but its up to you to take the knowledge from that

conversation and let it stay a negative. Push forward let no one

get in your way cause with God there is no room for failure!!


Holding on


let go

Most of us love our lifestyles cause its what’s we’re use to

from the things we smoke to the people we call our crew

but even you know yourself that negative is not for you

but most of use hang around them cause its what we’re use to

scared of change looking at other people to blame

scared to look in the mirror cause you hate the shame

but yet embarrass of the things you need to change

Most of us like the positive but want to live with the negative

cause its not boring it has the right hype

Don’t get in bed with snake if you don’t like their bite

but some do and say its only for one night

that’s all you need to lose control of your life

people love to say I want and need a change

but hate hard work and do the same old thing.

but want a good man but a wrong one to give her the ring

some love to ride a  big boat and  let it float

u hate when that ship sank and swallow the water to get choked

some love to be in control of things and personal items

but spoil their kids and hate when they have to fight them.

Men always say they hate settling down

but now I see the women sleeping around

and leaving their kids in the lost and found.

Some hold on to things God is trying to get out your life

we choose the path of wrong cause we think the flesh is always right

we go on and on how our lives are going wrong

but we want to bring negative to positive by holding on.

Children ae blessings


jesus and child

Children are little people with innocent hearts

from there souls,smiles that’s beautiful like art

from how you treat each other to what’s in your heart

the smiles from their face to the loving feeling everyday

the long nights with that cold cough and ear infections

to how they change how you speak and your face expressions

how they can learn things to copy the way you move

Children can even heal a marriage and a relationship

they even love taking long family road trips

Look at the way they run around with no stress

thinking back when you was that little one in your parents nest.

Children are simply the greatest and make you more motivated

to be dedicated, cause you love God for what he have created

cause love like this can never be faded or rated

children are simply a blessing and the greatest.