Rules are formed to not let people in

but you allow them in if you past keep knocking again

wondering how you view you and changes

so enjoy it some are painful

most turn and never turn back

some turn back and get smacked

and try and wonder where their at

some so confused they say their being used

some say their being controlled

some say no to you but yes to the old

and wonder why the same steps and the same rocky road

always never end in gold,but ends in your same decision

but they love that fatal car collision cause of the unseen vision.


Scared and Confused



Some may have the right intentions but the wrong reason

thats why some always have alot of seasons

realize the drama of the past and quickly it came and went too fast

some dont realize how old situations play in new relations

some dont know how to take it so then the past always break it

realize what you attract is not in front of you  its in back

then you lose a good thing and then want it back

life is like a circle if you create a cycle it continues

until you break it and create a circle of new

but if you try and mix, it will break like sticks

dont know what new really feels like

how about surrounded it with bricks cause positive sticks.

Some dont know the meaning to moving on

and wonder why the storm is so long

but yet you have mud and dont know how to keep things clean

but hate to be clean, and yet the mud was their dream

Dont drag other people cause their trying to guide you

cause things will fall apart cause that person have a caring heart

now their hurt cause you couldn’t keep a pure heart

positive vibes bring good times

positive minds make you very wise

positive things brings golden rings

if people want that change and get rid of the old things.

You cant change anyone you can only pray for them.

Just thoughts



Every feel unwanted like your being hauanted

every feel so alone that you make a silent song

every feel lost that no can find you, and your in plan view

every feel broken like you been stolen

every feel like you speak and your ear only hear things repeat

every feel weak that cold feel hot beneath your feet

every feel like vibes are a confusing joy ride

every feel like a train wreck and the day havent started yet

every feel like your moving slow and theres nothing to grow

every feel surrounded closed in and cant even trust your friends

every feel like a mouse just small in your own house

every feel like you speak but only a voice answers back but its in greek.

every feel like a drill  in a hole feeling cold

every feel like a butterfly trying to fly but cant wondering why

every feel like writing,word siting your feeling you always hiding

every feel like a cannon just blown away and abandon

every feel so weak that a close mouth speaks

every feel like its your fault because this is justs thoughts

Walking out!!



In life we all have to answer to thing we choose to do

we all dont have a problem we all have to answer

we see people and how they smile, and cry

we all look at the next person and wonder why

but we never understand until someone die

then you wanna make it better and now you wanna try

but you was never there to say two words”Good-Bye”

always left two wonderful people wondering why

now they say they wanna just turn over and die

running from things brings other confuse things

looking back rewinding the same track

please lets leave it like that, dont want no setback

so when you walked out there’s not coming back

Change starts with……



Change isnt a emotion its called devotion

Change comes only for those that have that ”IT” factor

the stress,strain,being stretched negative keep it very less

always keep it a positive and give it your best

Stay focus be excited to be great and have faith

with God there is always a path filled with great

just smile, pray and never dim the light while your on your way

The right Moment



Desire, hoping to be swept off your feet

that moment you always going to keep

the look,butterflies,and watery eyes

to nerves and tears from the cries

Heart racing and that confused look and just waiting

hand shaking, knees breaking, but patiently waiting.

the first words you hear, everyone else disappear

only you and me and the first sounds pass threw our ear

now you have that surprise and confused look

but at that moment I need your heart  to start our book.

He grab your hand you feel his strength

great measures,with great lengths is always worth anytime spent

screams from your soft unspoken voice

now your prince have came with his horse

Room filled with tears, loud cheers and open ears waiting to hear

the answer cause its the right moment

Emotional Fear



Fear that you will be exposed
Fear of a decision you have chose
Fear of being caught in the act of being wrong
Fear of change and pointing fingers of others to blame
Fear of the act of feeling ashamed of how you have trained your brain
Fear of the roller coaster that moves with its twist and turns
Fear of silly acts coming back on you and how it will burn
Fear that you will carry and pain you always bury
Fear of your tears that will flow once looked in the mirror
Fear of yourself of how things played out and words that come out your mouth.
Fear of the things we face everyday is the wrinkles of pain on your face. From the crazy and foolishness you use to say.
Your mouth tell your eyes what is see and your brain what it think.
Fear is what we make it. Its up to you how you break it.
Fear is a emotion.