Just thoughts



Every feel unwanted like your being hauanted

every feel so alone that you make a silent song

every feel lost that no can find you, and your in plan view

every feel broken like you been stolen

every feel like you speak and your ear only hear things repeat

every feel weak that cold feel hot beneath your feet

every feel like vibes are a confusing joy ride

every feel like a train wreck and the day havent started yet

every feel like your moving slow and theres nothing to grow

every feel surrounded closed in and cant even trust your friends

every feel like a mouse just small in your own house

every feel like you speak but only a voice answers back but its in greek.

every feel like a drill  in a hole feeling cold

every feel like a butterfly trying to fly but cant wondering why

every feel like writing,word siting your feeling you always hiding

every feel like a cannon just blown away and abandon

every feel so weak that a close mouth speaks

every feel like its your fault because this is justs thoughts


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