Scared and Confused



Some may have the right intentions but the wrong reason

thats why some always have alot of seasons

realize the drama of the past and quickly it came and went too fast

some dont realize how old situations play in new relations

some dont know how to take it so then the past always break it

realize what you attract is not in front of you  its in back

then you lose a good thing and then want it back

life is like a circle if you create a cycle it continues

until you break it and create a circle of new

but if you try and mix, it will break like sticks

dont know what new really feels like

how about surrounded it with bricks cause positive sticks.

Some dont know the meaning to moving on

and wonder why the storm is so long

but yet you have mud and dont know how to keep things clean

but hate to be clean, and yet the mud was their dream

Dont drag other people cause their trying to guide you

cause things will fall apart cause that person have a caring heart

now their hurt cause you couldn’t keep a pure heart

positive vibes bring good times

positive minds make you very wise

positive things brings golden rings

if people want that change and get rid of the old things.

You cant change anyone you can only pray for them.


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