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When you walk don’t look down

head up take a tour around town

your new place to catch a beautiful view

of a lovely masterpiece

did something catch your eye

from the fresh blue sky

everybody always ask why

its a question that will always cross your eye

look at the birds that fly across the bay

water splashing threw out the hot day.

boats that rock back and forth

as it gets ready to sail its course

the fish swimming threw the clear blue water

fisherman fishing just to feed their daughters

jump for joy little boy who runs with his dog

or the mist that comes with the early morning fog


Get to know me!



If you want roses you have to water the right seed!
If you want a husband you have to ask question to know who you wanna marry!!
If you want a friend then be one first!
If you want different then change you mind first!
If you want to be a wife then there will be a sacrifice to get that leader.
If you want a bestfriend look at your rib next to you.
If you want that soulmate then emotions should never come up in a conversation!!!
If you wanna be heard then screaming is not a voice.
If you want respect then you must give it!
If you want the same thing then lets write a book,
If you want answers then you must first ask question.
If you want everything to be free from hurt cover it up and let it heal!
If you want something natural then expect changes
If you want me then understand and explain my hustle,ambition,my drive, my motive, my desire, my needs, my heart, my reasons, my love language, my hurt, my difference, my mind, my glory, my spirit, my pattern,my path,my patience,my gain,my losses,my family,my vibes,my emotion,my pain,my respect,my attitude,my emotion,my thoughts,my love making,my kiss,my strength, my weakness,my stress,my leadership,  my smile, my life,my words,my vision,my silence, my hobbies, my future wife, my destination, my blessing,my prayer,My love for God, my heart that needs peace!
If you want negative then im not the one.
If you wanna complain choose a different game.
If you wanna be that one then you should understand
If you want a king then you must understand a king controls and lead his empire in a positive way.
Get to know me better…only if you women enough!!!!