Silence by words



Words are more of a killer
Once said God is the only healer
Thoughts going threw their minds
Only to untwist the knotted vines
Hurt comes more emotional
Than a physical rollercoaster
The tongue is a great weapon
Learn how to use it instead of rejection
Tears fall inside and always flowing
Respect always fall short for the nice guys
Look close the pain is in our eyes
Pay attention to the silent tone
Never make them feel short and alone
Their so full of excitement and life
Thats why we keep quiet and pray to jesus Christ.


Love is?


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Love is a direction

Love is a picture collection

Love is loyal

Love is Royal

Love is clear

Love is fear

Love is holding on

Love is staying strong

Love is Focus

Love is open

Love is free

Love is loving me

Love is failure

Love is success

Love is stress

Love is weak

Love is unique

Love is gravity

Love is Tragedy

Love is basic

Love is crazy

Love is Happy

Love is crappy

Love is also snappy

Love is faith

Love is grace

Love is flower

Love is growth

Love is  power

Love is both

Love is yes and no

Love is smiles

Love is loud

Love is strength

Love is scent

Love is flavor

Love is able

Love is tears

Love is years

Love is action

Love is mistakes

Love is wedding cakes

Love is sweet

Love is for keeps

Love is cold

Love is Bold

Love is age

Love is young and old

Love is hard

Love is from God

God is good


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Roads maybe rocky and broken

souls maybe confused and stolen

words maybe used as abuse

money is greed sometimes it bleed

people may love sometime they shove

thoughts turn into our faults

just like our action turns into our first reaction

but your heart stops just like its starts

juts like your emotion is your devotion

Your words is a weapon like your fist

silence is the greatest risks with a kiss

marriage is holy and whole

its always one until you get old.

The bible is holy and blessed

God is always the best .

People want the same


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Loudness of a voice

is always a individual choice

the way you speak  after a responce

now its done to you  huh to you its not so much fun

maybe you should rethink what you have done

treat others better than the furniture in  your home

but quick to calm down to another throne,

spit out with harsh volumes coming out your mouth

but quickly to call it quits when it gets silence

word and its volume is a work of its own violence

abuse starts with the way you treat another

but respect one and not the other.

The game has continued and spared the power of its players

treat each other how you wanna be treated and nothing lower.