Over come


Over come..

Into the jungle you must go

no matter the storm or how hard the wind blow

into the darkness with limits to sight

approaching pressure and scary heights

the first enemy you cant see

but I feel his presence approach me

feeling over welmed with fear

Dropping to my knees and pray that this demon disappear

open my eyes which I can’t see but feeling the demon leaving me

I continue my search only for peace not for hurt

Things in front of me I have to remove

feels like things around me I’m about to lose.

It starts to rain but it not cold it hits my face as if its stabs

my angry is boiling but my faith will not allow me to get mad

Then words was spoken softly and clear into my ear.

I have to reject them to protect me I claim no negatively

I can finally see even if the darkness is before me.

with God you can walk this journey.


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