Where do I stand



When you a leader meant to lead
Things can make your mind bleed
Understanding what sacrafice is
Difference between fake and real
People, vibe can tare you apart
Becareful of your words cause they do hurt
When its action start to change
Notice of the one they blame
It never them its alway you
Thats why i try to keep a clear view
Tried to explain but that just bring more pain
Tried to forgive but that just bring more negative
Tried to ignore but that just start a new war
Tried to protect but my feeling just was always a reject
Tried to let it play out but it got more in my house
Tried to have peace but just dont know who lying to me
Tried to be open but the mind was just to frozen
Tried to unpack but then lies was told behind my back
Tried to be a husband, but was i that,cause i was always put back and never first,man do that hurt.