Behind the trees theres reasons
Where wind cant find its season
A storm will find a path to cross
No matter how rough or soft
Sunshine only have light
Dark weather limit that sight
When its all through
Then you find the hidden you.






Bloom Bloom  Bloom

Close your eyes and picture a happy place

somewhere that’s quiet and no one else  face

Take a walk with me alone the blue sea

as the sand hits your feet, and blue as far as you can see

clouds moving slowly, waves small are growing

waves hits the rocks while fish swim underneath

and trails on the ocean from the jet ski

laying on the shore as the water hits my legs

and fish swimming as I watch the birds fly above my head

the wind blowing hitting my skin causing a chill within

sun shades for the sunny skies, to protect my eyes

from the sun that will set but first it must rise.

everyday cause its the first rule, in life everyday you must pray

and watch as your life bloom.