Blind behind your own wall.



In all journey you have set backs

most of us become strong because of what we learned

some just don’t get it they just remain hidden

others learn that accept your own faults

cause one day it will fill your mouth soon runs your house

people think cause of what they don’t want will not happen

but in do time you will find what you don’t want, your future it will start to hunt

building a wall is like covering yourself with dirt

you mind it will take over and others it will start to hurt

look at how you use to be to how you came through your past

building a wall will only last as long as you keep holding on to your past

maybe not the person but the situation you was in

let go and start fresh and step back and walk again.

we all make mistakes  drama and negative you start to create

but you must remain in prayer with God to always keep faith.

people and their on faults and falls, is only blind behind your on walls



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