Behind the trees theres reasons
Where wind cant find its season
A storm will find a path to cross
No matter how rough or soft
Sunshine only have light
Dark weather limit that sight
When its all through
Then you find the hidden you.






Bloom Bloom  Bloom

Close your eyes and picture a happy place

somewhere that’s quiet and no one else  face

Take a walk with me alone the blue sea

as the sand hits your feet, and blue as far as you can see

clouds moving slowly, waves small are growing

waves hits the rocks while fish swim underneath

and trails on the ocean from the jet ski

laying on the shore as the water hits my legs

and fish swimming as I watch the birds fly above my head

the wind blowing hitting my skin causing a chill within

sun shades for the sunny skies, to protect my eyes

from the sun that will set but first it must rise.

everyday cause its the first rule, in life everyday you must pray

and watch as your life bloom.


The first meeting.



The scene was clear then you walked near

smiling and watching my chocolate style

asking question hoping for a blessing

speaking conversation to realization

just to gain trust to get a relation

Exchange words while thoughts pile up

just smiling as your looking up

looking for half of me but God do bring together two parts of a tree

walking away  slow but leaving you with a sparkling glow.

New Chapter


Been a while since I wrote

but I do have a lot to share with this new note

The tone is very backspaced and things you will embrace

how love hits a wall to be come still

but yet drama but also real

how can you challenge yourself to make a better you

without including the attitude of the old you

its all so true that we make things seem good

but when the truth hits the table it will clear all expected thoughts

and how wrong thinking will leave you at a halt.

Right Time



Right for most is luxury
For other right time is ugly
I can end up losing everything
But my right time is trusting my king
Wrong time is always good
You learn lesson from true confession
Time have no limits or resentment
Only true commitment or punishment.

Where do I stand



When you a leader meant to lead
Things can make your mind bleed
Understanding what sacrafice is
Difference between fake and real
People, vibe can tare you apart
Becareful of your words cause they do hurt
When its action start to change
Notice of the one they blame
It never them its alway you
Thats why i try to keep a clear view
Tried to explain but that just bring more pain
Tried to forgive but that just bring more negative
Tried to ignore but that just start a new war
Tried to protect but my feeling just was always a reject
Tried to let it play out but it got more in my house
Tried to have peace but just dont know who lying to me
Tried to be open but the mind was just to frozen
Tried to unpack but then lies was told behind my back
Tried to be a husband, but was i that,cause i was always put back and never first,man do that hurt.

Over come


Over come..

Into the jungle you must go

no matter the storm or how hard the wind blow

into the darkness with limits to sight

approaching pressure and scary heights

the first enemy you cant see

but I feel his presence approach me

feeling over welmed with fear

Dropping to my knees and pray that this demon disappear

open my eyes which I can’t see but feeling the demon leaving me

I continue my search only for peace not for hurt

Things in front of me I have to remove

feels like things around me I’m about to lose.

It starts to rain but it not cold it hits my face as if its stabs

my angry is boiling but my faith will not allow me to get mad

Then words was spoken softly and clear into my ear.

I have to reject them to protect me I claim no negatively

I can finally see even if the darkness is before me.

with God you can walk this journey.