See Mrs.Mattox when I wake up in the morning knowing you wake up also I tell God thank you because you allowed us to see another day together as 1. When I say I love you I mean every letter in it to the maxx. When I call and text you I dont call to see where your at. I call just to hear your voice on the phone and your thoughts in a text.  I love seeing you cause Im thankful that God sent me a beautiful soulmate and it brings peace to my day knowing your still here by my side. I love your scent without perfume and face without make up because its like looking at nature and smelling freah air. This why I trust you its because your my peace Kathryn Roshell Mattox. Im just trying to give you something you always wanted .. Somebody to actually Love you on every level even in a stressful bad times. A person that can still stay focus on you and be supportive loyal and faithful to God and your feelings. I will Continue to do that until God says come home. I say this to you cause we’re not promise tomorrow. So I love you with everything life has to offer me to give you but Loving you is always a milestone everyday to me no matter what life throws at us we stand together fight together cause we in this together as 1 under God and he is all we need. 

                                                Love your husband

                                                Marcus Mattox